Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hyderabad real estate is the Best choice for NRIs to Invest

Builders of Hyderabad are now increasingly targetting non-resident Indians in the US as most of the NRIs are not keen on purchasing properties there with the recession in American economy. Several NRIs fear they won't get good returns since the slump is likely to continue even in the American real estate sector. Volatility in the stock market and frequent fluctuation in gold prices are prompting them to look at Hyderabad real estate, which is considered to be the safe zone for their long term investment plans.

The builders also feel that it's the right time to showcase to them the investment opportunities in Hyderabad and surrounding areas. Some of them have decided to participate in Indian Property Exhibitions, which will be organised in California, Seattle and Dallas between May 10-18.

"Most of the IT professionals and other Telugu NRIs are planning to come back to Andhra Pradesh with the recession in the US. So, they want to settle down in Hyderabad since it provides them an opportunity to start the career afresh," said Mr Manoj Agarwal, executive director of DSL Infrastructure Private Limited. "The Telugu NRIs who have invested earlier got good returns with the real estate boom in the twin cities. So, we expect that others will also follow suit with the latest property exhibitions," he added. Chennai based Priya Publication, which publishes Indian Real Estate magazine, has been playing a key role in organising the property shows in the United States.

It anticipates that at least 5,000 prospective homebuyers will participate in the exhibitions to be held in the United States. Apart from Hyderabad, property developers from New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore are expected to showcase investment opportunities in their respective cities. "NRIs will get first hand information about the Indian real estate trends in the exhibitions. They can interact with the property developers and select property on the spot," said Mr V. Nagarajan, the organiser of the show and editor of Priya Publications. "We expect good response from Telugu NRIs since they understand the potential of Hyderabad where construction is in full swing," he added.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Top business in hyderabad

The new developments, along with the IT parks and recreation department will make Hyderabad real estate the premiere suburb of India for years to come. Combined with a responsive city government with a A1 bond rating, nationally recognized emergency service which allow for lower homeowners insurance, conscientious and liberal use of public space as parks and excellent public education and you have all of the ingredients that make Hyderabad a great place to call home.

Real estate is really a game of supply and demand. The trick is finding the demand and being in the position to supply. This is the kind of situation investors and builders run up against all the time. It is a matter of assessing the market and trying to find the perfect area at the perfect time. One those variables are known then action can be taken, investments can be made and profits can be collected. So the question remains, where is a good area for this kind of action? Hyderabad comes to mind. Over the past number of years Hyderabad has been one of the hottest real estate markets in the country and this trend shows few signs of slowing down. There are a number of reasons that Hyderabad can make this boast and it would seem that there are goingto be a few more boasts made over the coming months.

People love to go to Hyderabad, it is one of the most traveled to destinations in the country and it's not hard to see why. Fantastic weather, scenery, recreation and many other attributes can be claimed by this city. Real estate has been in high demand in this city for many years. This is partially due to Hyderabad's popularity as a retirement destination and it's notoriety as a destination resort location. In fact tourism is one of the strongest aspects of hyderabad's economy pouring millions of dollars per year into this state.

Hyderabad has always been known as a great place to visit. However, with the abundance of education, the excellent economy and a great and stable real estate industry. Hopefully this has explained why there is such a demand for quality homes and properties in Hyderabad. Su pply and demand does not work unless there is interest from both sides and Hyderabad is a perfect example of a balanced area where supply meets demand

So stay tuned, and be prepared to learn something about real estate in Hyderabad India.

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